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Looking to sell some of your sports cards? Don't let your items get swallowed up in a sea of Ebay auctions.

Why choose Waxpackcity to auction your sports cards? We not only offer some of the best consignment rates in the industry but there are many things that set us apart from our competition. Don't settle for sloppy looking error-filled listings from so called professional sellers or slow payouts and poor communication. We list your items and payout as fast as anyone and every listing is handled by someone with many years of experience in the industry. Here is what you can expect:

-13+ years as a Top-Rated Powerseller on Ebay with perfect feedback. No one in the industry has more knowledge about what cards are worth and how to get top dollar for them. 
-Exposure on many selling channels and social media for your items leading to more bids/buyers. Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters and more.
-Unmatched lead time for listing your items. Most consignment orders are listed for auction within 3-10 days of receipt.
-This off-ebay website ( which will feature your items and Ebay auctions.
-Unbeatable communication and service. Special requests for how to sell an item? Advice on pricing? No problem for our customers. And we basically have no lives beyond cards, so you can expect near instant response times.
-Prompt consignment reports telling you how much your items sold for and the what the final payout will be after fees.
-Lightning-fast payments. Once a buyer pays for an item, we send payments on Mondays and Fridays for those items.


Consignment Rates/Information:

All auctions will run 7 days with a 99 cent opening bid unless other arrangements are made. For single card auctions closing at:

$0-99.99- You get 86% of the sale price. Important: There is a minimum commission fee of $2.00 on any auction that closes with a bid (you will not be charged again for relisting items with no bids for up to 1 additional listing). Please keep this in mind when submitting items that may only sell a starting bid of 99 cents. Lots with multiple cards are recommended for low end cards.

$100-$999.99- You get 87% of the sales price

$1000 or more- You get 88% of the sales price

Items that do not sell after being relisted 1 time will result in another commission charge of $2.00. We will not relist without your permission. You have the option to be mailed back the card at any time, at your expense. Again, we recommend lots for cards that may not earn any bids.

For lots- Please contact us here. We will negotiate a special handling charge for preparing the listing depending on size of lot and how you want the cards presented.


Premium Service Option ($2.00 per card including Ebay subtitle):

An additional service that makes us unique compared to other sellers is the option to have comparative pricing data in our listings, showing just how high your items have sold for in the past. We use subscription database services like Terapeak, Priceminer, Vintagecardprices and Beckett Market Data to research your item's worth and quote past sales. We have proven over the many years we have used this approach that it draws more attention to cards and maximizes the sale price. 

We hope to hear from you soon!